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Mai Tomihara is a passionate jewelry designer, based in Los Angeles, with a
focus on creating jewelry with gemstones and gold wiring.

Theme of her Jewelry

Mai specializes in the use of gemstones and gold wiring methods in her
creations. Pairing this with her with a passion for dainty design of handmade
one-of-a-kind pieces and her inspiration from abstract art, her pieces are highly
sought-after and nothing short of beautiful.

Designer’s story

Her father, Vivi, ran a pottery kiln in Saga Japan and produced well-known
Japanese porcelain Arita-yaki for many years. Mai shares her father’s passion for
craftsmanship, taking pride in the finest of details in the jewelry she creates.


Her jewelry is made from 14k gold-filled and breathtakingly beautiful gemstones.
Meticulously crafted and finished, Mai strives to create jewelry that lasts a

More about Me

For information about Mai’s jewelry, or to place an order, please contact through contact.